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Order Pinata Cake with Hammer to make the event special

A great way to create excitement and fun at an upcoming birthday or anniversary party is by choosing a unique theme, such as a pinata-themed birthday. Choose from our wide selection of amazing anniversary cakes, including chocolate pinata cakes, photo cakes, butterscotch cakes, etc. If you’re looking for a pinata birthday cake, we also have a variety of fabulous cake designs for you.

A Pinata cake with a hammer is a special cake, like the kind you find at birthday parties having candy and toys inside, but in cake form. On your special day, it’s fun to have a real pinata at your party so everyone can take turns swinging at it until it breaks open.

Send Pinata Cake to Noida for your special event

A pinata cake is in the shape of popular objects or characters. For example, if you celebrate an anniversary or a child’s birthday, you can get a pinata cake in their favorite cartoon character shape. These cakes are fun and unique and help to personalize any event. The pinata cake is like having two desserts: cake and candy.

The Pinata Cake with Hammer looks like a traditional pinata but with an added twist – it comes complete with its plastic hammer so that guests can whack away at it until all of its delicious treats fall out. It makes for a great centerpiece for your party table or buffet table and will be sure to bring some excitement to your party.

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Pinata cakes are an amazing idea for those who want a complete surprise for their loved ones at their wedding or birthday o even for their child. We guarantee that these awesome pinata birthday/anniversary cakes will delight everyone involved no matter what occasion you’re having!

During the festive season, we surprise people with delicious and beautiful cakes. The tradition of sharing cakes continues today and people exchange cakes on birthdays and during festivals or other occasions. By selecting our delivery service for pinata cakes in Noida, you get surprised every time with our quality and delivery services. We assure the quality of all the products on our website.

Pinata Cake Variety Flavors Our Speciality
Chocolate Pinata Cake Chocolate truffle Same Day & Midnight Delivery
Unicorn Pinata Cake Red Velvet cake Free Shipping
Heart-shaped pinata cake Pineapple Cakes 100% Eggless Cakes
Cartoon pinata cake Black Forest

Make Your Celebrations Memorable with a Hammer Cake from CakenBake Noida

Birthdays are always special and adding to that by gifting your loved ones delicious cakes makes it even more beautiful. When you need to send surprise cakes for any occasion, CakenBake Noida is here to help you make all your celebrations worth remembering. We offer same-day and midnight delivery services in Noida City to ensure that you get your desired cake at the desired time. It has become easy to buy a pinata birthday cake online as we offer 24×7 phone/online customer support services and reasonable prices on our entire range of pinata cakes. Order your favorite celebration cakes online or call us today!

Get Fresh and Tempting Pinata Cake Online with CakenBake Noida, Delhi

Order pinata cakes online with CakenBake Noida and make your day special by adding excitement. With custom designs and hand-picked flavors, you will not have to think twice about picking our pinata cake for the anniversary and surprise your loved ones on their important date! We are available from 10 am to 11:30 pm every week to help you for fulfilling your needs within a limited period.

Whether a small business or a personal party, we bring fun and frolic into everyone’s life. Our pinata birthday cake variety offers amazing memories in everyone’s heart that last forever in their minds and hearts. You can add the names of those who are celebrating their anniversary.

Buy a Pinata cake with a hammer online to surprise your loved ones

These Birthday Cakes look beautiful. The Pinata cake for the anniversary looks very vibrant. You can see how it shines from afar. That’s because it’s the best birthday cake, a classic and elegant look that blends well with any party theme. It has healthy as well as tasty ingredients and materials to make its quality high-class and taste like what you want. Try Chocolate Pinata Cake and enjoy its deliciousness of it.

We offer a wide range of cakes such as Oreo Cake, Pinata Cake, Bomb Theme Cake, Heart Shape Cake, Adult Birthday Cakes, Dog Birthday Cake, Bachelors Party Cake, etc. Order your cake today with an easy booking system.

It provides great flavor to desserts that can’t be replaced with anything else, and your tongue will surely crave it more and more when it comes in contact with delicious chocolate. The secret behind its popularity lies in its complete naturalness, purity, cost-effectiveness, wide varieties, long shelf life, and above all, no artificial chemicals are their baking process.

Frequently Asked Questions by Customers:

What is a pinata cake with a hammer?

The Pinata’ or “Smash” is a diamond/heart-shaped or ball-shaped cake that comes with the Hammer. With the use of a hammer, one has to beat the cake slowly to open it up and reveal the cake.

What is the pinata cake with hammer price?

You can buy a pinata cake for the price of Rs.1599* along with the hammer and a sweet surprise inside. The price depends on what flavor, stuff as well as design you want.

What is inside the pinata cake?

Chocolate pinatas typically have a firm chocolate shell visible on the outside. The outer chocolate shell is typically in the shape of a heart, sphere, or half-sphere. Sprinkles, fondant decorations, ribbons, icing as well as decorating ribbons are used to decorate the chocolate shell’s exterior.

How to cut a pinata cake?

A hammer comes with the pinata cake to open or break the pinata opening and enjoy the delicious stuff inside the cake.

Where can I get pinata cake near me?

Many bakeries and online services offer pinata cakes. These are chocolate birthday cakes that look like pinatas. To get your pinata cake, you could visit CakenBake Noida, Delhi. We’ve had experience making these delicious treats; give us a call to order one!

Where can I buy a pinata cake?

You can order a pinata cake with a hammer from CakenBake Noida, Delhi on your special day. We assure you that our delicious customized chocolate birthday cake will be delivered on time!

How to eat pinata cake?

It is made of chocolate, filled with candy, and has a whipped cream filling inside the pinata. To eat it, you can break off the chunks of the cake to get to the goodies inside.

how to store pinata cake?

The pinata cake is good to store at room temperature for up to two days, but it’s best to keep it refrigerated if you plan on storing it longer than that.

Can pinata cake be kept in the fridge?

Allow the cakes to cool completely before you begin working with them. I suggest that it’s better to cover them and keep them in the refrigerator overnight. They’re more manageable this way.

How long does a pinata cake last?

Pinata cakes can last for two days if the outside temperature is cool enough. If they are not refrigerated, they can last for up to 2 days.

How many types of pinata cakes are there?

There are two well-known styles of pinata cakes to choose from such as round balls-shaped cakes or diamond-colored hearts.

Does pinata cake come with a hammer?

Every pinata cake comes with a wooden hammer to break the chocolate shell to open the cake that is the reason it’s also known as “hammer cake”.

What flavors are available in pinata cakes?

Pinata cake comes in flavors like black forest, chocolate vanilla, butterscotch, and strawberry to make your moments more special.

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