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For a grand celebration, layered cakes are the best choice. Cakes with many layers consisting of creamy fillings and toppings can make anyone’s day. Now make your celebration grander with an amazing layer cake from CakeNBake Noida.

Order the prettiest double layer cake designs out there!

We all deserve to celebrate our major milestones very well. Make your celebration even better with our amazing double-layer cake with different designs. You can get it in a fusion of flavors or you can choose only one flavor too. We make sure that our 2 layer cake designs are eye-catching and versatile. We make an extra effort to make the cake look amazing for your celebration.

Be it your anniversary, birthday, or engagement, get the best layer cakes from us. The best part is that you can also customize your choice of cake too! Nowadays, there are a lot of aesthetics available. You can either choose from our catalog or design your aesthetic. Not only that, but you can also add various toppings to the cake and make it even better. We provide a variety of cakes like Oreo Cake, Butterscotch Cake, strawberries cake, black forest, vanilla, and many more.

Now you can create sweet memories on your special day with our range of layer cakes. If you are planning on having a huge birthday party with tons of guests, get our amazing 3-layer cake. You can even select a unique theme to design the cake. You can make the party even more fun with our delicious range of cakes. There is no better way to add life to a party than getting a grandiose cake. The taste and freshness of the cake will leave your guests craving for more. They will not only enjoy the amazing party that you have put together but will also love the cake.

celebrate the best days of your lives with our premium range of multi-layer cakes!

The custom of celebrating the best moments of our lives with a cake has been around forever. If you are planning on tying the knot with the love of your life, get the best cake out there to celebrate it. CakenBake Noida’s custom-made an amazing 2-tier engagement cake for love birds like you. We ensure that the double-layer cake design is suitable for your big day. We make a range of love-themed cakes, especially for occasions like these. What could be better than getting an amazing cake along with the precious ring for the love of your life?

There are a lot of trendy cakes available these days. The minimal designs with pastel colors have become everyone’s favorite. They also come in a variety of shapes including heart-shaped ones. There is nothing better that could symbolize your eternal love than these cakes. You can get them all from the one and only, CakeNBake Noida.

Impress your loved one with our best variety of 2 tier cakes!

It is your wedding day and you want the celebration to be the best. One of the most important things that you need to take care of is the cake. With us, you can get the prettiest two-tier wedding cake. We also offer an adorable range of toppings. They would symbolize the eternal love between you and your partner. These toppings include heart toppings and figurines of the bride and the groom. You can get them all even in off-beat flavors and designs. You can also opt for some other eccentric two-tier cake design too!

One of the best ways to cherish your love and the marriage is by celebrating a great anniversary. There is nothing better than an adorable gift along with a yummy cake as a gift to your spouse. Now you can celebrate your anniversary with joy with our range of 2-tier anniversary cake. With us, you get a variety of anniversary cakes to celebrate this milestone of your life. You can even write a loving message to your spouse and make their day.

Want a perfect 2 tier birthday gift? We have it right here!

If you are planning on throwing a party for your friend, or are in a confusion about what to get, we have the answer. You can get an amazing range of 2-tier birthday cake here at CakeNBake Noida. Not only that, we also keep up with the trends. We know that the minimalist aesthetic is very much in trend right now. People prefer their cakes to look minimal and classy rather than too crowded. To meet your needs, we have designed the prettiest simple 2-layer birthday cake. You can gift this cake to your friend and make their day.

In case you are planning on throwing a bigger party for your friend, we got you covered buddy! You can get the best 3-layer birthday cake from us too. You can make your celebration huge and become the talk of the town. If you are planning on having a costume party, you can always customize the cake according to that.

Make the parties grander than ever with double storey cake

It is a New Year Party! You have tons of guests coming over. But you are not sure whether the party planning is up to the mark. Don’t you worry! Because with CakeNBake Noida, you can have the grandest celebration of your New Year’s Eve. We are quite well known for our premium quality 4-layer cake.

You can make your party bigger than ever with our range of these grand cakes. You can create an off-beat fusion of many flavors and top them with the cutest of toppings out there.

We offer a wide range of cakes such as Pinata Cake, 3Kg Cake, Bomb Theme Cake, Heart Shape Cake, Adult Cake Design, Bachelor theme cake, and Dog Birthday Cake etc. Order your cake today with an easy booking system.

Do not compromise the quality or the design

The best thing about CakeNBake Noida is that we never compromise on our quality. We always make sure that our customer gets the best satisfaction. All our ingredients are organic and our fruits are farm-fresh. We also offer premium quality cakes at the best price too! Be it a simple double-storey cake or a grand 4-layer cake, you can get the best ones at CakeNBake Noida.

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