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How to Plan a Bachelor Party: Tips & Etiquette

Is this the first time that you are planning a bachelor party for your best mate? We will help you plan the greatest night of his life where he can be the center of everyone’s attention. Our guide will help you honor this age-old tradition in style and let you have a night of camaraderie and celebrations.

As the best man, the onus is on you to ensure that the groom-to-be has an unforgettable night. One great way of slaying it would be to plan the party according to his style and personality.

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Tips for planning the best bachelor party

If you are looking for the best bachelor party ideas, you have come to the right place. Given below are a few tricks to help you create a wonderful night for your best bud.

  1. Select a date: Most people have a bachelor’s night celebration the night before the wedding. Frankly speaking, this is not ideal because no one wants to step into the church feeling nauseous the next day. So, it would be best if you selected a date a week before the nuptials, giving you and the other attendants enough time to sober up.
  1. Choose a venue: The first step in planning such a bash is selecting the date and choosing the venue. During the wedding season, it is not easy to find a venue of your liking. Hence, you should start looking for one at least a month or two in advance.
  1. Establish a budget: Your night of sin and debauchery will not come cheap. As the best man, you might have to bear the brunt but not without help from the other attendants. Find out what the others will be contributing and plan accordingly.
  1. Create a guest list: You must include the groom-to-be in this decision. He gets to decide who attends the party. Also, you can make certain recommendations to create the perfect guest list. Having guests whom you both do not like will only sully your experience.
  1. Party food: A few weeks before the party, you need to order the food that will be served. This includes the booze, finger snacks, hors d’oeuvre, the main course, and above all, the cake. A funny cake for adults will literally be a cherry on top.
  1. Hotel Room Reservation: Remember the movie The Hangover. Don’t be an Alan, and plan ahead. If you are flying off to an exotic location, check for hotel rooms in advance. No one likes to rough it out on a fun trip, and the groom will not be happy if you drop the ball on this one.
  1. Plan the Entertainment: We know what you are thinking. Yes, strippers may be hired for the night, but that should not be the only source of entertainment. Plan a few games, hire a band, and order a midnight cake delivery to liven up the party.

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Bachelor Party Do’s and Don’ts

Etiquettes to follow at a bachelor party

We advise you to stick with these etiquettes lest you return home with hurt sentiments and regrets. These will in no way limit your fun but prevent any mishaps.

  1. The best man is the party planner: The groom chose you as the best man for a reason. He trusts you to plan a party that fits his style and personality. Hence, you need to take charge and not let others, except the groom, influence your planning.
  1. The groom pays nothing: Make the groom feel like the star of the party. Being the polite chap he is, he might offer to chip in. Do not let him pay a penny. As the best man, it is your job to make sure that everybody else pays their share. Also, you should never wait till the last minute to collect the money from the other guests.
  1. The guest list is the groom’s domain: You can handle everything else independently, but the guest list will require the groom to sign off. He should not have to see someone he does not like at his own bachelor party.
  1. No hazing: You guys are no sophomores at a frat house on the school campus. Minor leg-pulling is permitted. You may even share funny stories from the past but do not offend the groom in any way. Also, make sure that the other guests get the memo.
  1. Don’t overdo it: It is your responsibility as the best man that the groom is safely returned to his home after the party. His wife will not be happy if the groom gets home in a cast.
  1. Figure out the transportation: Make sure that you hire a cab service in advance unless you wish to be the designated driver.
  1. The party goes on till the groom says it’s over: It would not be polite if a guest leaves right after the bachelor party cake is cut or before the main event begins. So, tell the guests to keep themselves free for that night.


We hope this guide on how to plan the perfect bachelor party has answered all your questions. Feel free to use our tips to plan the greatest bash of the year for your pal. We wish you good luck.

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